How to fill in EasyJob Resume Builder Careerlog?

Filling in your CareerLog

Filling in your CareerLog should be your first step when using EasyJob Resume Builder to create a new resume.

To get started, just click on the “Create or modify my CareerLog” link on the left hand side of EasyJob Resume Builders main window, or on the appropriate link on EasyJob Resume Builder’s “Get Started” panel (see below):

The Right Resume Words at Your Fingertips

EasyJob Resume Builder gives you multiple versions of resume wording for your experience, skills and achievements, according to target employers and your individual circumstances.

You can paste these directly into your Career Information Database or rewrite or edit them to exactly fit your needs.

The Exclusive ‘Guru at Your Beck and Call’ Help System

EasyJob has a dynamic help system, also called “Guru at Your Beck and Call” that will give you context-sensitive help for filling every single field of your Career Information Database.

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