Professional Stationery Resume & Cover Letter

Cover Letter & Resume Design Set

Writing a good Resume and Cover Letter is just the beginning… they must also look great! Your resume design needs to attract the person at a company who is responsible for receiving resumes. The ideal look for your job resume could be different based on the position you are applying for or your personal situation.

EasyJob Resume Builder’s more than 25.000 different resume designs options take them into account and give you always a professionally designed stationery styles and tailored resume & cover letter set (professional package) that is appropriate to your profession and personal situation.

If you want to be more creative and flexible, you will also be able to adjust fonts, sizes, bold, italics, bullet points, and underscoring!

That’s not all, with EasyJob you have an instant cover letter & resume formatting as you go.

Resume & Cover Letter Design by EasyJob

Notice how the design of the resume and cover letter match, giving a professional look. This is just one of more than 25,000 different resume designs!

EasyJob creates your resume using the information you provide in your Personal Information Database. Our Resume Builder program is an expert resume creation system, and operates with different resume creation guidelines and criteria, depending on your personal situation.

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