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Resume Builder Software Main Features & Benefits

In today’s competitive job market, a well designed and efficient resume is not a plus, it’s a must.

You will be selected or discarded in about ten seconds: that’s the average time a recruiter devotes to each resume he/she must review. If your resume doesn’t capture his or her attention immediately, all your years of hard work and education are wasted.

In this unforgiving environment, your professional future deserves the best resume software tool available.

Here are some of the main features that make EasyJob Resume Builder the most powerful and user-friendlier resume software. Free download the demo here!

Personalized Resumes that Fit Your Own Career Situation.

One size never fits all and it is applicable also for resumes. Different job seekers in different career stage need different resumes. Job seekers that enter the job market for the first time have completely different needs than those who have a long and consistent work experience. So do job seekers that have gaps in their work history, senior job seekers, etc…

This might seem obvious, but all other resume builder software and most resume services completely ignore this important fact. You will end with a generic, “cookie-cutter” resume that will substantially reduce your chances of landing the job you want and deserve.

If you fit into any of these categories, then EasyJob Resume Software will provide you with resume creation rules, examples, tips and help instructions that are specific to your job search situation:

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then EasyJob resume software has the winning resume that will fit YOU as a “made to measure” suit.

Instead of molding your unique situation into a fixed, “one size fits all” resume template, that probably will hide some of your strengths and emphasize some weaknesses, it’s our resume builder program that adapts itself to your job search situation. Free download the demo here and check it out NOW!


Personalized Resume Cover Letters

If you created your resume with EasyJob Resume Builder software, then your resume will catch the eye of the hiring manager and you will be selected for next step. Now he or she will go back to your resume cover letter to get a feeling of your personal side as well as to evaluate your written skills.

Most resumes that didn’t include a cover letter, or included a weak one without any real content, will be discarded.

To help YOU pass this final step, prior to the interview, EasyJob resume software creates a cover letter that is specific to your situation as well as the kind of job you are looking for.

It will create different cover letters depending on your job search situation (see Personalized Resumes), if you are answering or not to a want ad, if you have or not higher education, etc… This way your cover letter will be as unique to you as your resume.

EasyJob’s personalized resumes and cover letters are a highway to your job interview! What´s more, EasyJob is the only resume-writing software that also creates cover letters for you! Check it out NOW for FREE!


Thousands of Resume Wording Examples

To help you overcome “writer’s block” while entering your Career Information, EasyJob Resume Software provides you with thousands of powerful resume wording examples.

No matter what you are trying to describe, your education, your skills, your achievements or duties, all necessary resume wording will be available at your fingertips.

Working with EasyJob Resume Builder is like having a professional resume writer at your beck and call, 24 hours a day.Check it out NOW for FREE!


More than 25,000 Resume Templates

Other resume makers and resume services use 10 or less resume templates for ALL their customers. These resumes don’t have a chance of catching the hiring manager’s attention, since the ALL look the same!

On the other hand, EasyJob Resume Software provides you with more than 25,000 different, professionally designed resume templates.

With EasyJob Resume Builder, not only the contents of your resume is personalized, but also its look and feel. It’s virtually impossible to create 2 identical resumes with this resume software.

Stand out from the crowd with EasyJob’s professional resume templates and make a great first impression!


As Many Resumes & Cover Letters as You Want and Need!

Other resume services will charge you up to US$1000 and provide you with only one resume. If you need different versions of your resume for different potential employers, you will have to pay more.

With EasyJob resume software you can create as many targeted resumes and cover letters (Career Presentation Packages) as you want and need, for a one time affordable payment.


Mail Merges Your Cover Letters and Even Creates the Mailing Labels

EasyJob mail merges your cover letters, so they are personalized and addressed to the right person. If you send resumes and cover letters that are not personalized, you will damage your image by making it obvious that you are mass mailing.

This powerful resume software also creates for you personalized mailing labels.

There’s no doubt that advancing technology has made life more fast and convenient, and applying to jobs is no exception to this rule. Although, it is an error to think that send paper resume by post is part of the past.

Paper resumes are more important than ever! They are more portable, easier to read in some cases, avoid formatting errors that can happen with emails and as most job seekers are sending their resumes by e-mail, send by post a paper resume and cover letter set is a professional and elegant way to stand out.

It is also a fact that some companies still prefer the “old fashioned” way of finding applicants.That is why EasyJob took it into account and offers you also an up-to-date tool to help you create automatically professional mailing labels for you. Check it out NOW for FREE!


Export/Save Your Resume to MS Word, PDF, ASCII and HTML

With EasyJob Resume Software, you can save your resume and cover letter in any standard format, such as MS Word, PDF, RTF, html or ascii, without to have any expensive third party software like Acrobat Writer.


The Successful Job Seeker eBook for FREE.

This is an exclusive eBook, only available to EasyJob Resume Builder customers, that covers all aspects of job search, interviewing, job market and more.

Free download the demo here and check it out NOW!


Email Your Resume & Cover Letter

You can easily send your resume by email without leaving the EasyJob Resume Builder application.


Expert Resume Advice, Tips, and Resume Assistance

EasyJob’s “Guru at your beck and call” help system provides you with help, tips and examples for filling in each part of your resume.

These resume wording examples and tips are specific to your job search situation and designed to make your resume stand out from the crowd. Free download the demo here and check it out NOW!


User-Friendly and Familiar Interface Resume Software

EasyJob resume software has a familiar interface that resembles MS Outlook and includes user-friendly wizards for the most common activities.

When you run EasyJob, our resume builder will show you a Get Started page which reminds you how to use the application and contains links to the most common tasks.

With our resume builder, writing a winning resume is as easy as following two steps.


100% Safe Money Back Guarantee!

Other resume services promise that if you are not satisfied with your resume, they will keep your money and make another resume for you. And what if the new one doesn’t get you interviews either? What kind of “guarantee” is this?

Instead, we have an honest, no-nonsense guarantee: if, no matter why, you are not satisfied with EasyJob, you get your money back.

We don’t want your money if you are not happy.

We have the best product, the best price and the best guarantee. Free download the demo here and check it out NOW and let US take the risk!

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